Aaron Smith
Aaron Smith | Superintendent

[ Aaron Smith ]
Aaron was born and raised in the Santa Cruz Mountains, just south of the San Francisco Bay Area. After a few semesters of junior college, Aaron took a job at a local family owned lumber company. This turned out to be the job which would eventually catapult him into the construction industry. He left a management position at the lumber yard, for a new job as an apprentice carpenter. Over the next ten years he would build custom homes all around Santa Cruz and the San Francisco Bay area. Working in all areas of construction, from foundation to finish, Aaron gained a solid base of experience during these years. In 2007 Aaron and his wife and kids moved to Hawaii. Drawn here by family already living on the Big Island, Aaron and his family settled down on the West Side of the island. Almost immediately he was hired by Metzler Contracting and has been with them ever since. The high level of quality and attention to detail which Metzler Contracting demands has been an exciting new challenge for Aaron.

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